I have another use for my iPad: provide tours of homes in Northern Virginia and Montgomery County, Maryland for clients overseas.

Yep, I found a family two homes new on the market in Fairfax County that on paper appeared to meet virtually all of their needs. While they’re not exactly in a position to see it with their own eyes and feet, we decided a tour using my iPad2 via Skype was the next best thing.

The walk-around and walk-through were a bit clunky at times because of the intercontinental Internet connection. Still my client received a timely sense of the property without having to interrupt their lives and spend a lot of money to jump across “The Pond.”

If you’re not familiar with Skype, simply sign up for an account at Skype.com and find “AndyAdvantage” to connect with me at a pre-arranged time.

Now “Skyping” to assess a prospective home is no substitute for the real thing thing. But if you’re thousands of miles away, it might make sense to consider it, especially if a home is priced competitively and might not be on the market very long.

Skype is free to use via the Interne computer (or iPad) to computer. There is a charge for Skype phone calls. IMAGE CREDIT: i-factor.biz