Beige and white are heading out and gray is storming in as The Go-To color for home furnishings. So say a growing number of home designers, bloggers and paint marketers. The latest evidence was in a recent Washington Post Real Estate section

In a nutshell, here are the take-a-ways I think you should know about.

  • Not to overstate the obvious, but it bears stating clearly: gray is neutral and thus is compatible with almost every other color and easily folds into just about every style of decor.
  • Gray is supposed to give life to everything in a room, making it look more modern and fresh.
  • Gray carpeting is becoming the default choice -- and a good choice I would add for homes for sale.
  • Most grays are not just an equal mix of black and white; they are actually a mix of other colors that give it a chameleon-like quality.
  • To choose the right shade of gray, blend it with the furniture already in place.
  • Mid-gray walls in a small room can make it seem bigger and better than all white walls (unless a room gets lots of sunlight)
  • With gray walls, you can change the mood of a space with things as little as throw pillows and small rugs.
  • Need somewhere to get a feel for gray colors' growing popularity: Ethan Allen, West Elm and Restoration Hardware are good places to check out.

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Image credit: Yes, even IKEA can help you go gray. Check it out here.